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Check your letterbox!

31 Jan

Over the weekend I picked up and delivered around 200 ‘Save our Library’ flyers from the marvellous @ipswichlabour .

If you’ve received one, please fill in the form on the back and send it back – freepost! – to add your name to the petition to save Rosehill, Stoke and Westbourne libraries.

You can also display the ‘Save our Library’ side of the flyer in your window to show your support.

I’ll be off out tonight to deliver the rest of my round, and hopefully avoid being bitten by any animals in the process!



Save Rosehill Library

28 Jan

Rosehill Library on Tomline Road in Ipswich is one of the 29 libraries earmarked for closure by Suffolk County Council.

Rosehill Library is also at the heart of the community, offering a huge service from a small building, loaning books, DVDs, CDs,  and running sessions for toddlers and pensioners from crafting to internet access.

Not all local residents have the time or the ability to travel in to the town centre to use the County Library and losing Rosehill would create a widely felt gap in the local community.

Why is it under threat?

Suffolk County Council needs to reduce the cost of running the library service by 30% over the next three years in response to a cut in government funding.

What will happen?

Rosehill Library, along with 28 others, will be classed as a ‘Community Library’ and the running of these libraries is being put out to tender. The council is asking for volunteer groups or businesses to put forward proposals to run these libraries, removing funding from 2012. Library supporters feel that this would diminish the library service, and that the council has a responsibility to continue to fund the local library services, finding the cuts from elsewhere.

What can I do?

In short ‘Support the Library‘!

  • Borrow books, attend sessions, if you’re not a member of the library, join!
  • Sign the petition, either in the library, or online here
  • Complete the consultation paper, paper copies can be requested by telephone on 01473 265086.
  • Tell the world why the library service is important to you – add a comment to this post or email me and I’ll post it up on your behalf.
  • Join in the Day of Action on the 5th February – I’ll be outside Rosehill handing out flyers and raising awareness, please join me!
  • Write to our local MPs, their details can be found on this website
  • Tell your friends, the more the merrier!
  • I’ll be adding posters and flyers to this site soon, print them off and put them up in local shops, at work, in your windows. Or even better – make your own (I am terrible at art!).

What’s the bigger picture?

Suffolk County Council is not the only authority to be threatening library services in a bid to save money, you can follow all other campaigns at Voices for the Library or you can follow them on Twitter – they’ll also give you all the information that you need on campaigns, and why we need to save our libraries, and our librarians.

Where can I find out more?

  • Sign up for email alerts from this blog, I’ll add as much information as I can.
  • Follow Save Rosehill Library on Twitter if you use Twitter, tell the world why you love libraries and add the hashtag #savelibraries
  • Local and national press.  The Library closure debate has been getting excellent coverage in both the local and national papers, and on local and national radio.

Can you help? Call for volunteers!

If you’d like to help Save Rosehill Library please, email me and let me know.

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