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March 26th – March for the Alternative

25 Mar

Tomorrow hundreds of people from Suffolk will be joining the March for the Alternative in London to protest against public service cuts. Will you be there? Look out for the Rosehill – ‘Save Suffolk Libraries’ placard (which I have yet to finish!) if you’re going.

If you can’t make it there are ways that you can support the march from home – an armchair protest. You can also follow the protest on Twitter – the hashtag is #26March, follow @March26March, I’ll be tweeting using my real name @abbybarker

It will be good practice for the Save Suffolk Libraries protest on the 2nd April!


Stewards for the 2nd April

23 Mar

Can you help us? We need ten stewards for the march on the 2nd April, to make sure that the march stays together, that people don’t  wander into the road or get their placards stuck in railings 🙂 The police will be there to help out, but we need to bring our own stewards too. We can provide a high-vis jacket for you to wear, although if you have your own it would be great if you could bring it with you. Plus, think of the warm fuzzy feeling you’ll  get from helping us out,  David Cameron will be so proud of you in a ‘Big Society’ way!

If you’d like to volunteer, please leave a comment on this blog, or email us at

Debenham and the 24 hour read in

21 Mar

This weekend @savedebenham library organised a 24 hour read in at Debenham library in protest at the SCC cuts, whilst over in Stowmarket a human chain was formed around the library. Brilliant! Unfortunately, Rosehill Readers couldn’t attend, but you can read all about it in the East Anglian, see photographs here and in blog form here

2nd April – the details!

19 Mar

Hopefully you’re reading this blog if you’re planning to come and join us on April 2nd in Ipswich. Click on the link ‘April 2nd Details’ in the top right hand corner of this page for more details.

We hope to see you there!


2nd April – first speaker confirmed

17 Mar

We’re delighted and very excited to have the author Nicci Gerrard speaking at our ‘Save Suffolk Libraries’ march on April 2nd in Ipswich.

Nicci writes with her husband, Sean French, under the pseudonym Nicci French as well as continuing to write under her own name. For more information, see their website

Suffolk County Council stock their novels, and two short stories are available for free here

Save Rosehill, or a Tory distraction plot?

16 Mar

I have just heard that Chris Stewart, Tory councillor and chair of this meeting says there were only “about 5” expressions of interest in forming a committee to run Rosehill – I saw the pile of forms at the end of the meeting, it was an inch thick! There had to have been more than 5 interested people. I put my name down, and I know at least four others who did – there’s your committee right there! At this meeting there was no mention of amount of people needed to form a committee, you either want to save the library and are thankful for every volunteer you get, or you’re not.

More suspicious than ever that the meeting was called to keep us quiet and distract from council plans.

Or maybe Cllr Stewart has realised how much hard work is involved in the Big Society.

2nd April – flyers

15 Mar

April 2nd Ipswich march – A5

April 2nd Ipswich march – A4

Print them off, give them to your friends, give them to your enemies, take them to your local library and ask them nicely if they can put them on the desk, take them to work, take them to school, put them on notice boards, use them as wrapping paper, make paper planes out of them.

Whatever you do, make sure you’re there on the 2nd April!

I’ve designed them to be home printer friendly, they look great in black and white. If you’d like a copy to edit to add local contact details, email me at

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