Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 – review of statutory duties

22 Apr

You have a few days left to let the government know which statutory duties you think it no longer needs, or, to use their  phrase, which statutory duties you can help your local council “unburden” itself of. There are almost 1,300 duties that are up for review, three of which concern the PLMA 1964.

Vitally, the clause in the PLMA that calls on local authorities to “provide a comprehensive and efficient library service” is up for review. This is the cause that is the basis of the legal challenge that we have submitted evidence to.

More information can be found at the Voices for the Library blog, which has all the information that you need and a link to the questionnaire. 

The deadline is April 25th. Please fill this in if you get chance over the Easter weekend, your opinion counts.


One Response to “Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 – review of statutory duties”

  1. Patricia Dowding April 23, 2011 at 11:15 am #

    A library should be at the heart of a community keeping itself uptodate with new technology as well as maintaining its traditional role. Do not stop your statutory duty in this respect. Central Government of all organisations should be assisting local government to support their libraries. To close libraries is an easy, soft option to cut costs; encourage local government to be creative and cut out waste, improve purchasing power. My grandchild deserves a decent local library. For me this is your ‘poll tax’ moment.

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