No divestment for Suffolk Libraries

2 May

Yesterday we started to hear rumours that Judy Terry was going to make an announcement on the future of the library service, and here it is – no divestment for library services!

The Council (4 days before local elections) have done a complete u-turn on the future of libraries.

Today, we’ll celebrate a victory, because of the hard work of groups like Save Stradbroke, Save Leiston and us, thanks to the 19,000 plus signatures on the petition, thanks to the 350 people who matched through Ipswich on the 2nd April,  thanks to the bravery of one Sudbury resident to take legal action against the Council, enough pressure was put on them to make them change their minds. Congratulations!

Tomorrow, we’ll carry on the campaign to make sure that the Council continues to look after the brilliant library service this county has.

Now, to celebrate with a cup of tea!


One Response to “No divestment for Suffolk Libraries”

  1. Borin Van Loon May 2, 2011 at 10:13 am #

    Not wishing to pour cold water on this post, I’ve just listened to the reactions of Kathy Pollard and Liz from Rosehill Readers on BBC Radio Suffolk. Firstly, while the soap opera in Endeavour House plays itself out and lurches from farce to tragedy, we mustn’t lose sight of the ideological drive which continues from an out-of-control top level in the ruling Tory group. The replacement Tory Leader is making the right noises in some respects, but ‘taking another look at’ the battlefronts they chose (lollipop patrols near schools, public libraries, recycling centres are the main ones but Youth Centres and subsidised bus services have already been cut) doesn’t mean that they’ve done a U-turn. Liz, a remarkably well-informed speaker on this morning’s radio interview, warned that this ‘Community Interest Company’ idea has been embedded in the documentation of the ‘NSD’ (No Sense of Direction) from the start. The announcement of an apparent change of policy by Judy Terry at this bizarre time (what a Bank Holiday weekend this has turned out to be!) suggests that (a) they haven’t had time to go through all the responses to the Libraries Consultation Document but they don’t like what they’re finding so far; (b) they’ve upset they’re own ‘Conservative heartland’ (see handing-in of petitions on Tuesday) much more than they expected – and remember, they chose the battleground – and (c) they’re running scared because there’s an election on Thursday. Albeit an election at the wrong level of local government for people who oppose the NSD. So a cautious welcome for this latest twist, well done to all the campaigners for achievements so far, but keep your powder dry for the next tussle.

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