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National Petition in Support of Public Libraries

5 Aug

The Women’s Institute have made full use of the return of the government e-petition site and have started this petition:

The petition wording is:

I, the undersigned, believe that libraries are an essential local educational and information resource yet with many libraries under threat, the future of the library service is at risk. I want to see the value of libraries recognised at both local and national levels and I am calling on the Government to honour both its commitment to act as a champion of the library service, and its duty of oversight to ensure that a comprehensive and efficient library service is provided.

If they get over 100,000 signatures then this topic will be eligible for debate in Parliament. The combined Save Suffolk Libraries Petitions had over 25,000 signatures, imagine what we could achieve if we all signed this too! Please sign up, it’s quick and easy, and pass this on to as many people as you can.

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