An open letter to Ed Vaizey – Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries

14 Dec

Those marvelous campaigners at Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries have penned an open letter to Ed Vaizey, please follow the link below and sign:

Following the recent High Court ruling, and announcement of the select committee enquiry, it has been suggested that library user groups, local politicians (all parties) who have been campaigning for their libraries and authors & educators send a joint, open letter to the Culture Minister  Ed Vaizey MP, whose inaction on library cuts and closures is an ongoing cause for concern.

We have penned a letter below. If you are a representative of a local library user group, elected political representative, or author or educator, and would like to be included amongst the signatories, please leave your name/name of your group (how you would like it to appear on the letter) as a comment on this blog post before Monday 19th December. We will then add all the signatures and send the letter to Ed Vaizey.

Please spread the word so as many groups as possible around the country can add their names.


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