County Council election Thur. 2nd May 2013

10 Apr


As a campaign group for our public library service in Suffolk, Rosehill Readers works with other library supporters and interested groups who are very concerned at the cuts in funding and dramatic changes to the way in which the libraries are run. All of these changes have been imposed by the large Conservative majority on Suffolk County Council (contrary to the overwhelming views expressed to them by the public in the 2011 ‘Consultation’ process). We urge everyone who cares about the library service we love to get involved in the lead-up to the County Council elections on Thursday May 2nd – in fact, it’s even more urgent than that because many people vote by post, so the message needs to get out to voters now.

Many people don’t realise that SCC have privatised the libraries and cut the funding by a third, not to mention withholding an additional £100,000 which community groups are supposed to raise (surely, that’s double taxation, isn’t it?). Please download our flyer and circulate as widely as you can. There’s a Word format editable version for you to insert your library’s name and your own contact details; there’s also a PDF version with the Rosehill Readers contact details. You can print either version: they’re two sides of an A5 sheet.

This is one of the few opportunities for those who care about our libraries to change things for the better.

May 2013 election flyer for editing

May 2013 election flyer Rosehill Readers


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