SCC Elections 2.5.2013

4 May


We note with interest that former library campaigner, Mandy Gaylard  also Sandra Gage (in St Helen’s ward and Rushmere ward in Ipswich respectively) were elected to Suffolk County Council when results were announced yesterday. Councillor Judy Terry has been the chief drum-beater on behalf of the Tory majority for all that has beset the public library service in Suffolk since 2011. She drove forward the ‘Consultation’ document on libraries with its inherent threats to a number of branches including Rosehill; she and her fellow Tories completely ignored the strongly expressed views from the public coming out of that ‘Consultation’ that they wanted the libraries to be funded and run by the County Council, the legal Library Authority; she has been the person pushing the divestment of the service to an external IPS, at the same time securing a one-third cut in the budget with an additional £100,000 deficit, supposedly to be raised by local people to fill that gap in funding.

RUSHMERE Ward. Number of votes, followed by % of votes:

GAGE, Sandra Labour 1117 47.25
TERRY, Judy Conservative 628 26.57
ELLIS, Peter UK Independence Party 401 16.96
WILMOT, Kirsty Green 94 3.98
JONES, Gareth Liberal Democrat 90 3.81
JACKSON, Dale Independent 34 1.44

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